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Stair Components

Now available , a range of high quality Stair Components engineered to a very high standard ensuring STABILITY and CONSISTANCY which is vital to Carpenters and Joiners who want to produce the very best Quality Staircases.

Oak Stringers

Solid Oak Stringers

Engineered using a finger jointed Oak core, with a full solid lamella along each long edge at 25mm thickness.
This allows the flexibility of trimming without exposing the core. Both faces of the stringer is wrapped with a 4mm thick laminated Solid Oak veneer, which allows the surfaces to be worked if required.
The Stringers are “WELL COLOUR MATCHED, STRUCTUALLY SOUND”, avoiding waste and MAXIMISING production time.

32mm 240mm 4200mm
32mm 240mm 3900mm
32mm 240mm 3000mm
32mm 218mm 4200mm

Other sizes can be manufactured on request

Oak Newels

Solid Oak Newel Post

Engineered using a finger jointed core, but the last 150mm from each end is manufactured using 3 or 4 pieces solid so the Newel can be machined without exposing the finger jointed core. Each face is wrapped using either 4mm, 8mm or 10mm solid clear Oak face. The faces are mitred together, to give the appearance of a “SOLID OAK NEWEL POST”.

90mm 90mm 1400mm
90mm 90mm 1500mm
90mm 90mm 1800mm
90mm 90mm 2000mm
90mm 90mm 2200mm
90mm 90mm 2400mm
90mm 90mm 3000mm
90mm 90mm 3600mm

Oak Stair Treads

Solid Oak Stair Treads

Solid Oak Laminated using 2 or 3 Pieces depending on the width of the Treads
The Treads are well COLOUR MATCHED both faces, STRUCTUALLY SOUND with a Bull-Nosed front edge.

22mm 270mm 1000mm
22mm 270mm 1200mm