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Oak Panels

A Grade Oak Panels

Grade – Edge glued with lamellas from 40mm – 90mm wide. Even colour, occasional small live knots on the A Face allowed, no sapwood, no pith, no distressed or broken knots. The B face is of a lower quality, with some sapwood, mineral streaks, and larger knots.

Specification L x W x D

1500mm 600mm 15mm
1800mm 600mm 15mm
2100mm 600mm 15mm
1500mm 600mm 18mm
1800mm 600mm 18mm
1900mm 600mm 18mm
2000mm 600mm 18mm
2100mm 600mm 18mm
2200mm 600mm 18mm
2300mm 600mm 18mm
2400mm 600mm 18mm
1500mm 600mm 25mm
1800mm 600mm 25mm
2100mm 600mm 25mm
2400mm 600mm 25mm

B Grade (Natural Grade) Oak Panels

Grade – Edge Glued Panels, lamella widths 40mm – 90mm, can be more colour variance. Live knots of any size allowed, some sapwood on A face, but not the full width of a lamella. Mineral streaks, and discolouration allowed.

Character Grade Oak Panels

Grade – any type and size of knot allowed, some fallen and dead knots, some small splits may occur. Colour variation will occur.
Specification – 18mm thickness, widths 600mm / 1200mm lengths 1500mm – 2500mm

Oak Table Tops

High joinery Grade oak table tops available. Also used for worktops, window-board, and other joinery uses.

Specification L x W x D

1500mm 915mm 30mm
1800mm 915mm 30mm
2100mm 915mm 30mm
2400mm 915mm 30mm
1500mm 915mm 40mm
1800mm 915mm 40mm
2100mm 915mm 40mm
2400mm 915mm 40mm

Oak Leg Blanks / Oak Newels

Our Leg Blanks and Newels have a finger jointed oak core, with a thick A Face veneered to each side. These engineered products provide a very stable alternative to using solid square section oak, which can have a tendency to twist, or split.

780mm 70mm 70mm
780mm 90mm 90mm
890mm 90mm 90mm
2400mm 90mm 90mm
2400mm 70mm 70mm

Other specifications available on request.